The K-12 Basic Education Program


by: Lili Pad

On a seminar for the K-12 program, the speaker quote, “When everyone is sitting down, choose to stand up. When everyone is standing up, choose to be outstanding. And when everybody is outstanding, choose to LEAD and make a difference”

K to 12 or kindergarten to 12 years is a Basic Education Program for the betterment of the future of the next generation. It’s composed of six (6) years of primary education, four (4) years of Junior High School, and two (2) years of Senior High School (SHS) which presents adequate time for developing the skills and perceptions of the learners. It is a course which has two additional years to the basic curriculum (SHS). It aims to teach students higher math, higher science and special skills like drafting, electricity, agriculture and all about livelihood; to make a leader and prepare the students for tertiary education, entrepreneurship and/or employment. It would enhance their learning on every aspect of their lives.

According to Dr. Beatriz G. Torno, OIC (Office of the Assistant Regional Director DepEd, Region III), this program would increase the quality of education. It’s not only for public schools but for private institutions also. “No more heavy books to be carried on the backs of our children. They would be given learning packages per learning area. Books would serve as reference materials instead”, Dr. Torno added.

Torno became one of the instruments in making the program K to 12 possible. Her camp organizes the seminars and trainings for the k to 12 programs that is why she attends every single meeting that is held anywhere, anytime. It is a big sacrifice on her part to do this but it is her duty and her responsibility. She attend meetings one after the other.

She also stated that the government lent 1.5 billion peso for the project’s success. For the people who are financially challenged, the Easy and Affordable Secondary Education (EASE) and the alternative learning system stay. Our newly-elected President Rodrigo Duterte, assured his support for the said program as well.

This program seeks to find out how the students would adapt, implement and apply what they learned on the new curriculum to their everyday lives. Torre says that one student who finishes the recently enhanced curriculum has the ability to find a job after their senior year even without pursuing college. But it’s still better if the students take up college for a better chance of landing a job of their own choice.


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