Movie Geek: Cinderella

Disney has once again, after 65 years, brought to life the unthinkable and most-loved fairytale of all time, Cinderella into what it is known for, a timeless magical story of true love, courage and being selfless. I must commend the casts on how they perfectly suited the characters. First, Helena Bonham-Carter as the fairy godmother, she is as witty as the original fairy godmother. Second, Cate Blanchett as Lady Tremaine The Wicked Stepmother, those strong jaw lines couldn’t be more persuasively intimidating and a classy acting of a villain. Lastly, Lily James as Ella “Cinderella”, portrayed a realistic character of a beautiful girl whose love for her family and the courage and kindness she has shown throughout the movie made her a heroine for all people not just women. The plot has sticked to its original story but still it has been able to bring the magic from the original fairytale that touches the heart. Overall, this has to be the best live action remake of a Disney fairytale so far. A lot of people has been already raving about this movie from costumes, characters, lines etc. that’s why it’s already blockbuster. Go watch and find out what magic it will bring you!



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