Most Outstanding Mayor Award 2015 Recipient: Hon. Emmanuel M. Alejandrino

Mayor Emmanuel M. Alejandrino is someone who is trusted by the majority of Arayatenos, his people who are very special to him, that he will move mountain even with utmost difficulty – to both please those who have faith, who have faith, and handful who are highly skeptical of his potential, while he continuously bear the beautiful feeling and belief that success is always attainable and tangible, and it can come too quickly.
Movement in the midst of silence like a hopeful prayer, that after almost a century of being a major part of Philippine tourism industry, Mount Arayat National Park, the oldest recognized National Park in the Philippines, after its closure for several years is now restored, improved and reopened to the public with the support of the National Government and the effort of the Arayat LGU under the fresh 3-year term leadership of Mayor Emmanuel M. Alejandrino.
With this milestone, the DENR through a Memorandum of Agreement entrusted to the Arayat LGU the full management, development and operations of Mt. Arayat National Park for a period of 5 years.
Mayor Alejandrino believes that he can move mountains through his “ING BAYUNG ARAYAT”, a movement with a conscience where priorities are specifically identified for the wise appropriation of the Arayat LGU’s limited sources with the additional funds solicited from private persons and entities, and the provincial, regional and national government to augment the investment needed for certain programs and projects that will immediately minimize the existing problem of the people.
He has been encouraging and challenging his people to be a part of the “movement” and change lives. It is about giving back to the people what they fairly deserved. Their effort in supporting the Municipal Government is an initiative to aspire for something better and bigger than before, out of the kind of governance that cares with a multi-dimensional sociocultural responsibility. The movement that triggers volunteerism, enthusiasm and dynamism.
“Ing Bayung Arayat”, it bends the mind, efficiently undertake actions and passionately care for its people with a fulfilling environment to live in peace, bounty and harmony.


Top Municipal Government’s Social and Environmental Responsibility Initiatives
Socially and environmentally responsible ongoing projects, development programs and activities that make an impact beyond the Municipal Governance under the Leadership of Mayor Emmanuel M. Alejandrino are enumerated below. These are in support of the National Government’s basic social services, environmental and programs and projects. Such are presented herein for his nomination as Most Outstanding Mayor Awards (MOMA) 2015 in the Philippines as facilitated by the Superbrand Marketing International, Inc. (SMI)
Basic Social Services Programs and Projects
• Enactment and implementation of Gender and Development (GAD) Code as per Municipal Ordinance No.11 Series of 2013
• Enactment and implementation of Health and Sanitation Code as per Municipal Ordinance No. 014 Series of 2013
• Establishment, upgrading and repair of additional accredited and licensed Day Care Centers.
o Hiring of the required licensed teaching staff that will run these centers
o Capacity training-workshops for Day Care workers
• Construction of Drop-in Centers for Children in Conflict with the Law (CICL) to curtail the escalating problem of juvenile delinquency.
o Provide temporary shelter and custody for CICL
o To protect/seclude the CICL from any threat in community
• Improved Delivery System on Educational Services and Development
o Construction of additional classrooms, repair and replacement of the old dilapidated school buildings through the support of the Department of Education and Department of Public Works and Highways
o Acquisition of additional institutional materials and textbook through the use of LGU’s revenues, proceeds of LGU’s solicitations and other donations through the help of the Department of Education
o Annual facilitation of seminar-workshop for school teachers
o Providing scholarship grants by conducting personal solicitation of funds from Medina and Santos families, his close friends in the town of Arayat
• Improved Delivery System on Health Services and Development
o Constructions of Barangay Health Stations in several Barangays with the funding assistance from the Department of Health (ongoing)
o Establishment of additional birthing station in all Rural Health Units and training of Bemonc for material delivery and postpartum care that will minimize maternal and child mortality due to improper or insufficient medical care and family support (ongoing)
o Procurement of Dental/Medical Supplies and Equipment (ongoing)
o LGU’s facilitation of Anti-Drugs Campaign and Symposiums (ongoing)
• Provision of Basic Support Infrastructure Facilities to Agriculture
o Construction/improvement of Farm-to-Market Roads and irrigation systems to sustain the agricultural productivity of the farmers in the municipality
o Installation of post-harvest facilities
o Tractors for Cooperatives
o Sixty (60) heads of buffalo carabaos were distributed to deserving farmers
o Solar dryers were constructed in several Barangays
o Construction of water impounding facilities in San Juan Bano
• Promotion of Peace and Order in the Municipality
o Giving top priority for the municipal’s peace and order situation, the construction of a more convenient and modern new Municipal Police Headquarters is completed
o Construction of Tourist Police Station is ongoing inside the National Park
o Construction of Community Police Assistance Centers in Barangay Suclayin/Camba and San Antonio
o Procurement of Two-Way Radio for Communication Equipment for networking and linkaging
• Disaster Preparedness and Safety Measures
o Ongoing procurement (by batch) of search and rescue equipment for manmade and natural disasters
o Ongoing construction of Municipal Fire Station
• Assistance to Senior Citizens aside from the National Government’s Social Pension and Philhealth Lifetime Coverage
o LGU funded financial assistance for hospitalization and death (covering immediate relatives)
o Free medicines, vitamins and vaccinations for senior citizens
o Blowout/ gift giving for senior citizens every Mayor’s birthday
• Livelihood Programs through Soft Loans
• Continuous implementation with allocated funds from the annual Municipal Budget
• Ongoing construction of Gatiawin Road, Arayat-Magalang National Road, San Juan Bano Road and Jose Abad Santos Road
Environmental Protection and Natural Resources Management
• Enactment and implementation of Environmental Code as per Municipal Ordinance No. 012 Series of 2013
• Mt. Arayat National Park Management
Spending P15 million total amount of LGU funds for the rehabilitation of Mt. Arayat National Park. This project of Mayor Alejandrino is funded by local resources such as the earmarking of funds for an Olympic-size swimming pool, and the procurement, installation and construction of other world-class park facilities like hotels, lodging houses, restaurants, spa, sports and physical fitness center that can be possibly entered into a public-private partnership funding agreement.
The existing three pools have already undergone repair and improvement and an almost million amount was reported as park gross earnings in terms of gate receipts since the LGU’s takeover with the increase in the number of daily visiting local and foreign tourists.
• Construction of drainage canal (ongoing)
• Construction in-process within the vicinity of the Municipal Public Market
• Construction of Municipal Recovery Facilities (ongoing)
o Central Recovery of Facilities at Barangay Santo Nino Tabuan
o Installation of Recovery Facilities at in each of the 30 Barangays
• Year-round Mt. Arayat Tree Planting Project in line with the Philippine President’s Program in preservation and conservation of forest resources and a major means to mitigate climate change (ongoing)
Summary of Accomplishments
• Newly constructed Municipal PNP Station
• Newly constructed Municipal Birth Station
• Newly constructed Municipal Function Hall
• Acquisition of brand new Backhoe
• Acquisition of 30 brand new barangay patrol vehicles
• Newly constructed National Government Offices
• Newly renovated Municipal Building
• Newly concreted and well-manicured Municipal Lawn
• Installed Solar Street Lamps in Barangay Poblacion, Cacutud, Paralaya and Plazang Luma

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