#Trending: #PacquiaoVsMayweather

It was about a week ago when the most-awaited and dubbed as the fight of the century, the Floyd Mayweather Jr. – Manny Pacquiao fight, was announced which circulated excitement and early predictions from different popular sports site and newspapers around the globe. The fight of the century is scheduled on May 2, 2015 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas and it’s a done deal. Mayweather is known for its foot and hand speed, defense and wisdom while Pacquiao is known for its rapid flurries of punches from all angles, and his fitness.

Mayweather Jr., who is widely considered as the undisputed top pound-for-pound boxer has a record of (47-0, 26 knockouts), while Pacquiao who is the the eight-division world champion in a welterweight unification title has record of (57-5-2, 38 knockouts). According to Connor Gregoire, an analyst with the company, the cheapest seat listed for the fight is $4,116 with a median price of $9,218, floor seats start at $22,441. And that’s why it has been already considered as the richest fight in boxing history.

sources: LA Times, Bleacher Report, Forbes



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