Movie Geek: Kingsman: The Secret Service

by: Jas Ramos

Have you ever watched X-Men, Kick-ass and James Bond movies? Combine them all you have a bad-ass bloody brilliant movie of the year, Kingsman: The Secret Service. The movie revolves around the story of a secret agent Harry Hart (Colin Firth) where he intended to repay his life saved by a fellow Kingsman secret agent by getting his friend’s son Gary “Eggsy” Unwin (Taron Egerton) to become one of them, a Kingsman Knight. Making an insane and bloody entrance on the first few scenes of the movie is the super rich, super-villain Valentine (Samuel L. Jackson). And then the story continues as Eggsy start on his Kingsman training. And as also Valentine continues his evil plan to eliminate all the people. That’s why Harry is up to save the world and will Eggsy passed the Kingsman training? Not too much of the story or else I’ll spoil it. This movie is Restricted-16 (R-16) which means only viewers 16 years old and above can watch the movie. My favorite scene from the movie is the pub scene and church scene. Go watch and figure out your favorite scene from the movie. To wrap this up, everything about it is perfectly entertaining, the casts, the action, humor, British accent, suit and gadgets. There is no doubt why this movie is already a bloody blockbuster hit worldwide.



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