OSCA Corner: San Agustin Sur Citizens And Elderly Movement Oath Taking of Officers

by: OSCA

San Agustin Sur Citizens and Elderly Movement had their Oath Taking Ceremony on Feb. 9, 2014 shortly after the Jan. 25 Election of Officers.

The Elected Officers are:

President:                Leoncia Halili
Vice – President:     Tomas Caparas
Secretary:                Elvira Sagcal
Treasurer:                Estrellita Wood
Asst. Treasurer:       Rosario Santiago
Auditor:                    Catalina Urbano
P.R.O’s:                    Natividad Mesa
                                Rosita Santos
                                Consuelo Duque
                                Cesario Cunanan Jr.
                                Carlota Bautista
                                Remedios Bata

The Barangay Captain aired his plans and enthusiasm in serving the people of San Agustin Sur.

Ms. Josefa Rivera gave a very inspiring, simple but filled with love messages to the elderly which perked up the minds of the listeners to remain cooperative and united in the objectives set for the betterment of the elders in the community.



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