Movie Geek: Thor The Dark World

Title: Thor The Dark World
Genre: Action, Fantasy
by: Jas A. Ramos

Marvel’s famous hammer guy is back on the big screen in its second installment titled “Thor The Dark World”. In this movie, the out of this world long distance relationship of Jane Foster and Thor had produced an unlikely resurrection of the long lost enemy of his father “Malekith”. And for a twist, Loki and Thor, at last, will make us feel their brotherhood in other words they are on the same side in a mission to save Asgard and Earth. It has more Loki and Thor scene which means more humor. Other than that, it ain’t a Marvel movie without a cameo role of Stanley Marvel the creator  of Marvel Comics itself and of course a cameo role also from another famous Marvel superhero. You’ll find out who when you’ll watch the movie. Overall, it is a force field action of adventure with bits of humor and drama which means it will take you not only on a world of action-packed fantasy adventure but also a world where it will hammer your emotional side as for family really matters.



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