MOVIE GEEK: Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters

Title: Percy Jackson : Sea of Monsters
Genre: Fantasy, Action, Comedy
by: Jas A. Ramos

Percy Jackson : Sea of Monsters is the second installment of the book adaptation of the best-selling novel of Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson Series. After almost 3 years, Percy Jackson has come back in the silver screen with his demigods friends Annabeth and Grover. Adding to the adventure are Tyson (his cyclops half-brother) and Clarisse ( mortal enemy of Percy). The plot of the movie revolves around the adventure of getting the Golden Fleece in able to restore the tree that is responsible for the barrier that protects Camp Half-Blood. And for the second time, Luke is so on again to destroy Mount Olympus with the use of the Golden Fleece to resurrect Cronus. Before they have gone for adventure, the Oracle prophesies that a half-blood child of one of the three prime gods will fight Luke, and the half-blood will have the chance to either save Mount Olympus or destroy it. And in search for the Golden Fleece, they have met unusual friends and enemies in a whirlpool adventure with sea of monsters. The movie ended with Percy saving Camp Half-Blood, thus restoring the tree but wait there’s a twist in the end. Watch the movie and find out ! Overall, the movie became
successful in bringing action-packed adventure and did justice to the book.



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