Movie Geek: Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters

Title: Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters
Genre: Action / Fantasy

by: Lili Pad

     Hansel and Gretel are siblings who were left in the middle of the forest by their father without giving them any explanation why when they were young. While they were walking in the forest, instead of finding food, they found a house that is made of candy. They took a bite with it and entered the house finding a witch inside. They were captured by her. Hansel all locked up, and Gretel as her slave. Fortunately, they manage to escape and defeat the witch. After that, while growing up, they became witch hunters and they are exceptionally good at it. But there came a time when they had faced a case where they met a Grand witch. Grand witches are the type of witch that can change their outside appearance into a normal human being. While finding a way to stop the coming ritual to make the witches impervious to fire, they also found out why their parents leave them in the middle of nowhere when they were just kids is for their safety. It turned out that their mother was the most powerful Grand White Witch. All White Witches are in the form of a normal human being and does not harm humans. But because their mother was the Grand Witch’s biggest rival against power, she was set up and was burned by the townspeople. And because she doesn’t harm humans, she was killed helplessly together with her husband. Now the Grand Witch is after Gretel cause the missing ingredient for their ritual was the heart of the Grand White Witch who happens to be her. Upon their mother’s death, Gretel became the Grand White Witch. But with the help of Hansel, they were able to overpower the witch.
The cinematography of the film is incredibly great that is why it is a must seen movie. Even the storyline itself and the special effects are realistic. (credits to the editors).



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