MOVIE GEEK : Despicable Me 2

Title: Despicable Me 2
Genre: Comedy, Animation

by: Lili Pad

Because of the success of the first movie, here is another story of the crazy family of Gru. He is a man who is nothing but evil and manages an army of minions to spread malevolence in the world but turned into a good father after adopting three little girls from an orphanage. Now, Gru was hired by a top secret agency to capture the crook that is responsible for the disappearance of a whole laboratory. Upon arriving in the workplace, he met — and became partners for solving the crime. Gru thinks that the owner of the Salsa and Salsa restaurant is the old, vicious villain “El Macho” who had died in a volcano eruption. On the other hand, he and — developed feelings for each other while working together. But when they are ready to take chances, the case was closed and — was assigned to Australia.

What would happen to the story? Who is the person who kidnaps the cute little minions? Better watch and find out. This is a movie that is worth to watch.



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